Artwork Guidelines

Please pay careful attention to the following guidelines. We offer a high quality service and can only do this successfully if we receive files correctly set up. Failure to follow the guidelines below could delay your order and/or result in increased costs and missed deadlines. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01189 795 442.

We require your artwork in a ready to print format. The following are all suitable formats to send to us:

.pdf – this is our preferred choice. Please ensure that all fonts are embedded. Also refer to the guidelines relating to fonts and images below.

.jpeg – these should be at a minimum of 300dpi.

.tiff – LZW compression should be off.

.eps – please ensure that all fonts are embedded.

.bmp – these should be at a minimum of 300dpi.

.ai - please make sure fonts are converted to outlines.

Artwork which is not supplied in the correct format will be subject to an artwork design charge at a minimum of £25.00.

Sending your files

Files can be sent to us via our site using the upload files link 
Please enter your details as requested in the message boxes.


If you wish to be certain of the colour and content of your final graphics then we would recommend a colour proof. Proof production will take a minimum of 1 to 2 working days in addition to postage and approval time. Proofs are not included as standard with our prints and therefore you would need to contact a member of our sales team to enquire about the cost of a proof. If due to time restraints you are unable to wait for a proof then you agree to accept prints that we produce unchecked and we accept no liability for any variation in colour or content from your expectations.

Page Setup

Files must be supplied to us 'ready to print'. Files which are not setup correctly will be subject to our artwork charge which is currently set at £25 per design.

Size – Full size or ¼ of final output size.

Bleed – Minimum of 3mm. 6mm for digital print and cut vinyl.

Display area – Keep text a minimum of 3mm from the edge of the page.


All photos should be at a minimum resolution of 300dpi and in RGB format for PC. When using Photoshop Tiff files please ensure that LZW compression is turned off. Photos should be inserted into your artwork at 100% - never enlarge images beyond their original size. Please also refer our guidelines on imported graphics below.

Digital Camera Images

Digital camera images must conform to the standards outlined above (see 'photos'). If they cannot conform to the standards outlined above then they will not be of high enough quality for digital print.

Imported Graphics
Do not copy and paste graphics from non design programs eg. Word, PowerPoint, Excel as these graphics are of a low resolution and will not be of sufficient quality to print to an acceptable standard. Similarly, do not copy and paste graphics from websites as these are likely to be at a resolution of 72dpi – too low to digitally print successfully.

Colour and Colour Matching

We cannot accurately reproduce Pantone colours therefore if you require a colour match we advise you to request a colour proof.

Due to the digital print process it is not possible to guarantee a colour match between new and previously printed work. Please bear this in mind when designing and when reordering printed material.

If colour matching, for any reason, is of importance then we recommend requesting a proof (please see above).  If you do not request a colour proof then you are agreeing to accept any prints we produce unchecked and we accept no liability for any variation in colour or content from your expectations.


It is imperative that before supplying us with files to print from that fonts are created to outlines (curves) or if this is not possible then supply the original font along with your artwork. We recommend the use of only legitimate PostScript fonts. If you must use TrueType fonts then please ensure that they are converted to curves (outlines).

If we have to make amendments to artwork files the minimum charge is £25.00 plus VAT. Our standard hourly charge is £50 plus VAT. A quote will be provided prior to undertaking any amendments.

Accepting Courier Deliveries

All goods are checked before packing and leave 442 Graphics Ltd. in good condition. We use reputable carriers and all consignments are insured in transit. It is essential however that in order for the insurance to remain valid that any damage sustained in transit is noted on the driver's delivery note. Signing for a delivery clear invalidates the insurance and means that you waive the right to make a claim. We therefore ask that when your product is delivered you, or the person signing on your behalf, makes a visual inspection of the goods whilst the delivery driver waits. If the goods appear to be damaged either a) refuse the delivery or b) note the damage on the delivery paperwork and accept the delivery. If you are unable to inspect the goods please sign for them as "unchecked". 442 Graphics Ltd. is unable to accept any responsibility for, or replace, goods which have been signed as clear when delivered by the courier.

Delivery Times

Whilst we make every endeavour to deliver within timescales which customers have notified us of we will not be liable for any loss arising from a failure to meet such deadlines. Failure to meet such deadlines does not constitute a breach of contract on our part.


We advise checking deliveries immediately upon receipt. Any claims relating to damage, loss, partial loss or non delivery must be notified to us, in writing, within 3 days. Claims relating to faults or incorrect output must be notified in writing within 7 days – we may require the goods to be returned to us in order to process a claim. Failure to comply with the requirements above will invalidate the right to make a claim.

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